Recent updates to Microsoft Outlook 2013 & 2016 require a change to how all email providers change settings to accounts. Many of the windows act and look as they have for many years. However how those changes are made have changed.

Please follow along to make account changes.

Normally we would go to Account settings, however with this change we need to select Manage Profiles. The Following screen is the same as if you had chose Account Settings, however without authorizing User Access Control, you are limited to what settings your able to change.

Double Click your account to get to the Change Account screens.
Check your settings to see if they match the correct incoming and outgoing settings for Access. Next click on More Settings for your next set of settings changes/edits.
Match these settings for IMAP, POP3 will be slightly different. Once done click OK and next to complete the changes.

If at some point you see this screen you missed a step and you will need to try again.