We have a variety of services available to suit everyone from a 1-person office to a mining company requiring multi-megabit connections. Our network spans across the Iron Range– we specialize in connecting multiple locations.

Access Broadband’s network extends across the Iron Range. We are uniquely suited to connect multiple branch offices, without the data ever leaving our high-capacity network. As a business owner, you could have the same great connectivity at the office AND at home.
We reach areas un-served by traditional broadband infrastructure. The above map is a guideline but is not all-inclusive. Several factors (including line-of-sight to our equipment, if required in specific markets) will determine the actual availability. Contact us for more information about service in your area.
Below are the monthly fees for various services we provide. Setup fees are additional– and vary based on the type of equipment used and contract length. Our network built around the needs of our customers–let us know if we can provide a custom solution for you.

Bandwidth Tiers

We strive to provide the highest quality broadband access available. Every internet provider has a limited amount of capacity leading to their internet backbone. (Although we’ve got a SERIOUS pipe coming into our network). We’ve developed a unique way of managing our network, which provides for faster experience for everyone:

  • Rather than just merely limiting or putting a hard-limit on the amount of data (the size of your “pipe”) you can push– we’ve implemented a class-based sharing system.
  • On most of our accounts, we allow the customer to utilize the full potential of the wireless equipment, without hard limits.
  • If the system is ever maxed out, it will start assigning priorities. Typically done by a factor of 2. (Customers in Tier 1 will be allocated twice as much bandwidth as Tier 2, but those customers on a lower tier won’t have to worry about being left with the internet “scraps”.)
  • Most of the time, the user will not even realize this prioritization system is in place, and will usually enjoy near maximum speeds of the equipment. Actual speeds will vary depending on location, signal level, and other factors, but are prioritized to provide a minimum of 128kbps at all times to all customers.
  • Nearly all customers will find that the service is provided as a “prioritized best-effort” service, is more than adequate for all their needs.
  • If you have specific bandwidth requirements, we encourage you to sign up for an account which will guarantee a certain quality-of-service level at all times.
  • To the left is is the bandwidth priority map currently implemented: